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UTC Placement Services, a renowned placement agency, stationed at Ponda, Goa, obliged to serve both the job seekers and job providers simultaneously to set on a pedestal to fulfill each others requirements. It has a great history of outstanding service in the field of man power supply with so many reputed firms. UTC placement services have conquered the minds of many through its obligation towards the undertaken ventures of the past. It functions in Goa by a long time as a pioneer with its mass hiring solutions, human resource consultancy and the career moulding packages.  UTC Placement Services is registered under the rules and regulation of the state government and also under the registration of Customs and Central Excise authority of India. It is also certified by the standards of International Organization for Standardization [ISO 9001-2008 package].

UTC Placement Services functions with the placements of most eligible candidates for many of the local, national and multinational companies in Goa. In accordance with the specifications for different positions, selects candidates and maintaining a data bank in advance. For the selection procedures such as interview and screening, utilizes very efficacious senior professionals of HR department.  Besides to the qualifications and experience of each candidate, evaluates their performance level, integrity and attitude also. UTC Placement Services strongly considers its service as a privilege to build a long and strong relationship.

  • Insurance


    The Indian Insurance Sector has seen considerable growth in the past two decades. Many national and international Banks, Financial Institutions, provi...
  • Electrical Industry

    Electrical Industry

    Electrical Industry is one of crucial sector of the industry as well as the overall economy of a state in general, the Electrical Industry can provide...
  • Retail


    In the past few years, many national and international companies have ventured into the Retail Sector of India. Various malls, supermarkets, brand ret...
  • HR / Top Management

    HR / Top Management

    It is a fact that efficient management of Human Resources is as important as recruitment of suitable candidates. To smoothly carry-out all HR Function...
  • Sales & Marketing

    Sales & Marketing

    The ultimate aim for every organization is to increase the sales graph. For this innovative marketing strategies are developed and implemented. Many c...
  • Hospitality


    In the past few years, Hospitality activities in India have significantly increased. This has contributed to the growth of the many Sector as well. In...
  • Aviation Industry

    Aviation Industry

    Advancement in all kinds of transportation systems has also helped in the growth of Aviation industry. With the emergence of private players in the se...
  • Accounting/ Tax

    Accounting/ Tax

    The need for proficient and well-qualified individuals is always high in the department of Accounting/ Tax. We understand that with increase in the le...
  • BPO


    The company undertakes hiring for all job position in Call Centers, BPO, and Operations Division of various sectors. The company maintains a database ...
  • Packaging Company

    Packaging Company

    Packaging activities have increased, leading to the growth of the many Industries. Various national and international companies have ventured into the...
  • Electronic & Telecom

    Electronic & Telecom

    Electronic & Electronic & Telecom of India is growing at a rapid pace and there is a great scope for further development as well. With more and more f...
  • Chemical


    Chemical Sector indirectly caters to many other industries including Textile, Pharmaceutical, etc. Candidates need to remain up to date with the devel...
  • Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage

    Based in Goa, UTC Placement Services is a well-known HR firm engaged in providing effective HR solutions to clients at cost effective rates. Here our ...
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry

    Pharmaceuticals Industry

    A job in the Pharmaceutical Sector needs lots of dedication and patience with the necessary qualifications and skills. The need for professionally-qua...
  • Banking


    The Indian Banking Sector has seen considerable growth in the past two decades. Many national and international Banks and Institutions companies have ...
  • Automobile


    In the last few years, the Automobile Sector of India has grown significantly. The demands of Indian Automobile Users have significantly gone up. Not ...
  • Engineering


    Engineering provides the much needed technical support to various sectors, paving way for growth. The need for proficient Engineers is always high. Ad...
  • Financial


    The Indian Financial Sector has seen considerable growth in the past two decades. Many national and international Banks and Financial Institutions com...
  • Construction/ Real Estate

    Construction/ Real Estate

    Activities in the Real Estate Sector of India have increased over past few years. This has led to the growth of the Construction Sector as well as the...


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